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Nemesis Now See No Evil Stormtrooper 10 cm

17.92 (135.02 kn)


17.92 (135.02 kn)

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The Stormtrooper is known for his white suits and shocking aim, so he's easy for everyone to spot! Our Stormtrooper range is based on the original moulds created by Andrew Ainsworth of Shepperton Design Studios and reflects their character, and is as close to the original film props as you'll find. The image shows the Trooper sitting cross-legged on the floor, his left arm raised and clutching the face of his helmet. Completely unnerved, he rests the blaster on his leg and holds it gently in his right hand. Cast in the finest polyresin and then painstakingly hand-painted, this Stormtrooper figure is the perfect choice for anyone who is a Star Wars sci-fi fan.


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